The first release of the DrainPipe API is up.

This release includes the:

  • Base Framework
  • Sample Controller

For any help on usage or contributions feel free to sign up for this project from the svn repository.

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Today I’m working on the response formats for DrainPipe.  Currently DP supports output of mulitple rows delimited by commas, key value pairs delimited by pipes and keys separates from values by equal signs.


audio_id=1|audio_name=Audio Book 1|,audio_id=2|audio_name=Audio Book 2|,audio_id=3|audio_name=Audio Book 3|

From the above example you can see the currently the key value pairs repeat, for the final version I think it would be better to send a header record row of the data.

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Well here it is the first post on this project.  For helping out or checking out the source code check out the project page at

I have started to update the About page and Documentation. Expect a first alpha release in the near future.

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